emotional memories


Despite the Corona-Pandemics I was given the possibility to travel to Sweden for a workshop. Even though we had almost every day filled with the workshop program I still was able to capture some wonderful memories. Every evening I watched the sunset with the most beautiful colors (I think Sweden is the country with the most beautiful sunsets in general). The untouched nature, the sound of the waves on the beach and this very special silence is what makes this country so special for me. Of course my dogs were on my side the whole trip so we were able to discover this beautiful landscape together. One of my personal highlights was this Jetty. 


This year it was finally happening! I went on a roadtrip to discover the aurora borealis. Of course also on this roadtrip my dogs needed to come with me as well. Although I wasn’t able to catch the northern lights in a video (unfortunately they weren’t strong enough) I still was able to capture some other beautiful moments with my both adventurer. We were lucky to meet some musk oxen, moose and eagles. The Lofoten and their unique magic almost wouldn’t let me go. This video is my start in a new era and I must admit - it’s soo much fun! So you guys will see more very soon! ;)