„Trust in me - trust in you"


„Trust in me - trust in you“

Ready.... steady.... GO!

Highspeed, hundredths that decide the result, a small mistake and you are out. Agility a sport between genius and madness. Happiness and suffering lie so often close together and yet you always find your way back to the starting line with your dog fully focused. How crazy one needs to be to love this sport so much. Ups and downs, victory and loss - a sport on a roller coaster of emotions. But so fascinating how dog and human learn to communicate. Distances, body language, commands, speed. The team must find each other, become one, to achieve consistent performance in this fast sport.

Shutter speed on very fast!

Freeze movements and still or exactly through that create emotions - that is the photographic challenge in agility. Whether the communication between dog and human or the speed and perfection of the dog's movement is the focus, the challenge is to catch the perfect moment. The perfect flying position over the dogwalk, the right jumping point or the precise communication of the team.

You are a group of agility enthusiasts?

Because agility photos are of course always associated with a ready built agility course or agility hall, it usually makes more sense to make a collective shooting. Now and then I offer some agility shooting at some venues, but of course you can always book me as well.

Especially for shootings abroad, but also in the north of Germany it often makes more sense to share the shooting. So don't be shy, always ask if something is planned or ask directly for a shooting! I look forward to meeting you and your dog!

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